Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ASOS Scuba Peg Trousers.

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ASOS scuba peg trousers
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asos scuba trousers sports luxe
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White Polo Neck - HM

When I was having my monthly read of the ASOS Magazine last week I came across the '3 Trends My Way' edit by actress Phoebe Tonkin and I absolutely adored all the pieces she picked out, her style was identical to mine. 
So much infact, I was straight onto the website, fishing out the product codes and adding the dreamy items into my basket. 
So you may recognise these scuba peg trousers if your a ASOS magazine subscriber too!

Ever since the Sports Luxe phase, I've wanted to join in and try out my own take on the trend, these scuba peg trousers are the perfect item for the fall and really give off that edgy boyish vibe. 
They basically look and feel like a more fashionable, acceptable pair of sports joggers!
With thick scuba fabric and an elasticated waistband they scream pure comfort, with that in mind, I can definitely see myself living in these when the colder months strike. 

I've kept my colours quite minimal and blended, which fits with the sports luxe trend as it mainly features black, white and navy pieces, heavily reliant on a monochrome palette. 

I'm really liking the scuba fabric, you can see another style post where I featured the Primark Yellow Scuba Coat which was a look I luckily had featured on their Instagram page. 


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Grab a Bite to Eat in the City: Caterina55

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A few weeks ago, I was invited down to visit Caterina55 a casual, budget friendly Italian all day dining establishment with a twist, of using only natural ingredients. 

It’s about five minutes walk from Moorgate tube station in London.
Caterina55 take pride in offering a menu that features only natural and organic ingredients.
A stand out point I must make is that it is ridiculously cheap for London. It’s probably most similar to a fresh fast food establishment like EAT or PrĂȘt, but specifically targets their niche, traditional Italian cuisine. It’s a bit further out to travel to, probably more suited to those within the local business district, for example the Barbican Centre is right across the road. I’m sure it’s a regular visit for plenty of the staff there.

But if you’re ever in the area and looking for a quick bite to eat, I’d definitely recommend you pop in. If you like Italian food, they offer a classic twist on traditional Italian dishes so it’s worth trying out so you can come to your own conclusion!
Bearing in mind, it’s advertised as fast food, and you expect little table service involved, the service was impeccable. However, the service we received was slightly more thorough and attentive because Michele, the restaurant manager, was keen to talk through the company culture and concept and provide us with an in-depth introduction to menu on offer.
That’s how I learnt about his current thoughts on wanting to transform their eating experience into a more personalised, sit down service. By offering wine glasses and plates to serve food and drink rather than just using the Caterina55 packaging.

Onto the food!
We generously accepted starters, mains, desserts, coffee and a bottle of wine to share. I think we were slightly spoilt with our treatment; however, we definitely got the best chance to sample the variation on offer. So I was able to form an overall conclusion about what was available on the whole! 
From the starters the Calamari was definitely my favourite, the spinach filled parcels were scrummy too! All of the starters featured a very light and fluffy batter which made the dishes all the more enjoyable! The reason for the non-greasy light batter was due to them using a different type of oil which helps to emphasis the organic and natural ingredients used. We also sampled chickpea chips, and stuffed vegetable falafel balls. These were both interesting to try to, however, I felt slightly overloaded with food by this point and didn't want to cloud my judgement on the mains.
Mains featured some classic pasta dishes, which didn't disappoint, I also sampled their organic burger too which was definitely a different taste, but I rather enjoyed it! 

The main thing that stood out to me however was how passionate the staff were, they were so eager to share their knowledge, their love for the industry and the food they offered. You can tell their passion lies in educating people about their traditional Italian cuisine.

One last thought: think of PrĂȘt – we all love the fact they offer fresh food that’s ready to go when you are? 
But does it sell bottles of hand-picked wine ready to buy and have alongside your meal?
Caterina55 does - and at a fraction of the price.
You can even nab yourself a freshly prepared lasagne, by all means it’s made to order but its super speedy and ready to eat within minutes!

Having a bottle of wine to share was definitely my favourite touch; (not only because I am a wine fiend) but I think this makes it an ideal lunching-spot for budding business workers who are looking to dine over a meeting with clients or colleagues. 

I’d like to thank Caterina55 again for the experience and for educating me fully about their concept.  
For more information on what they have to offer you see the website here

Monday, 15 September 2014

Boyfriend, Check!

check boyfriend coat
black tartan plaid striped
black jumpsuit primark
check boyfriend coat

Black Jumpsuit - Primark
Belt - River Island
Nautical Sliders - Primark 

Boyfriend? Check!
Oh, I definitely have a fair few.. of the coat variety I mean. 
The boyfriend coat jacket has definitely been a favourite of mine this year, I swear a whole section of my wardrobe is now full of the darn things. 
Good thing they actually belong to me and not the boyfriend!  
I'm channeling autumnal vibes in this Tartan Plaid Boyfriend Jacket from Karma Clothing which I can't stop wearing, its really snug inside and I pretty much wear it to work most days. 
It compliments all my outfits and gives that little bit of fashionable edge to my plain work attire. 
P.s. I'm aware my pool sliders probably don't match - I went for pure comfort with this look!
Here's a work outfit I styled up with this Boyfriend Jacket. 


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Crop Top Jungle.

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summer crop top
asos high waisted ripped knee jeans
dreamcatcher necklace
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wide brimmed fedora black

Fedora Hat - River Island
Dreamcatcher Necklace - Trinket Avenue (*)
Jungle Crop Top - Topshop
Ridley High Waisted Skinned Ripped Knee Jeans - ASOS
Platform Chelsea Boots - Missguided

I may have made a sneaky little visit into Topshop the other day and noticed a couple of bandeau-style crop tops lurking in the sale rails.
This was one of them I picked up; I was drawn towards the jungle print design on these crop tops and knew they would be the perfect thrown on piece for my holiday to Crete.

I really like the way they are designed to be elasticated on the top and bottom, however, still feature that slouchy oversized middle.
I bought this jungle crop top along with a plain black one. My summer wardrobe is not over until I say so!

I’m currently typing up this post on my journey up to Liverpool in the car, really starting to wish my laptop had 4G or cars would invent their own wifi portal.


Monday, 8 September 2014


oversized vintage jumper
black jumper dress
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dreamcatcher necklace

Fedora Hat - ASOS (similar here)
Oversized Jumper Dress - Vintage
Leather Lace Up Boots - Topshop 

The lovely people behind Trinket Avenue have been following and liking my looks on Instagram for a while now and recently offered to send me a piece from their collection. Low and behold a company that has really done their research, pre-contact sussing out my personal style down to-a-T.

They suggested I style this bohemian dreamcatcher necklace that they thought would suit my style perfectly. 
Believe me, I was impressed! 
And it was definitely my style.. what a nice touch!
Not only do I love bohemian fashion and style, as you can see in my Lace Kimono post and Boho Maxi post... I have been after a dream-catcher necklace for ages.

Last weekend I took a trip down to Shoreditch (my first ever actually) to meet some of the girls, 
We headed to Queen of Hoxton Rooftop Bar for some cocktails 'n' burgers. Yum!
Then making our way towards Brick Lane for a bit of the old famous London vintage shopping scene. 
On route we were distracted (very distracted) by the Saturday vintage market in Old Spitafields.. and that's where I picked up this bargain oversized jumper dress. Handmade by a lovely seller. 
One thing I love hearing - ONE SIZE FITS ALL.
Makes my life a-hell-a-lot-easier.
I love that I can wear this piece inside out too - the lovely pinstripe material underneath is what caught my eye and I loved it when featured with the rolled up sleeve look above.
You'll probably see me wearing this inside out very soon!

P.s. Good news.
I've got myself a job as a Digital Marketing Executive!
Things are finally looking up :)
I'll have more to come on this in a post soon...


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Places To Eat in Surrey: Bombay Mela Review

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I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge fan of curry or Indian cuisine; I’ve always been a bit of a wimp when it comes to food of the spicy variety and usually tend to stick to all things mild. But lately my taste buds have been changing and my palette has been opened up to a whole new range of foods I never used to eat – and I now love! So when I started experiencing curry cravings for the first time ever (No, don't worry - I’m not pregnant) I knew it was time to test the buds again.

So I headed on down to an Indian restaurant, Bombay Mela, in Redhill, Surrey, with an open mind and a stomach ready to fill.

As soon as we were seated we were greeted with a generous amount of pompadoms and various dips. Believe me, one thing I can eat a lot of is pompadoms, so instantly I knew this was going to be bad news, with these sitting in front of me, while having ample time to gauge the menu and be very indecisive! I will always eat until the quantity in front of me disappears... unless there’s something seriously wrong with it. I only really opted for the mango chutney dip as this is my favourite and I ploughed through this, without giving Alex and his pompadoms much of a look-in.

I was surprised to see a Mojito on the menu and was instantly curious to see how a curry house would match up to various other cocktail bars and restaurants I have tried before. I must admit – I was pleasantly surprised, it was probably one of the nicest Mojito’s I’ve tasted in a while and it seems to be a cocktail that can be very hit and miss at times. 

The staff were very helpful, and keen to recommend dishes within the menu. You could tell they were passionate about their food. Alex followed through with some suggestions, me more so picky when it comes to curries, I followed my own head and opted for something mild, a tikka masala, still credit due, as this was a new experience for me as I have never tried this before. 

For starters we had onion bhaji's, they were spicy, but crisp and I really enjoyed them. 
Alex had a lamb starter dish which was recommended, it was called 'Pataila Lamb Chops' and he throughly enjoyed it. I was feeling pretty full by this point 
(thats those naughty pompadoms creeping up on me) 
but was looking forward to trying something new!
The tikka masala was really creamy and plentiful! It featured boneless chicken marinated in yogurt & spices with a tomato gravy.
Unfortunately I couldn't finish it all due to my previous greedy affair with pompadoms and mango chutney. However, its great to know I've found another curry I can indulge in and enjoy, without the cause for an urgent glass of milk. 

It was a lovely experience, and thanks to the kind staff at Bombay Mela for having us and for being so accomodating! 

It's worth a mention too, if your into all things shisha, theres a fully equipped garden out back. 
You can see more on their website here

Hope you enjoyed my review.

The Bomber Jacket.

oversized tshirt dress asos
ootd fashion
floral zip up bomber jacket wearall
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black tshirt dress asos
white mules new look
floral bomber jacket
white chunky cleated sole open toe mules

Floral Bomber Jacket - Wearall (*)

I've been looking for the perfect bomber jacket for a while now. 
Luckily Wearall came to the rescue and offered up this beautiful bold printed number. 
I'm seriously in love!
The material is really soft and shape-able, only best described as that 'scuba' material.
Bomber jackets are the ultimate cool casual accessory to compliment any outfit.
This bomber combines feminine florals with a sports luxe edge allowing me to pull off an urban chic look.
Now just place me in front of a graffiti wall in London and it would paint the perfect picture.
I think this would work great for a night out meeting the girls for drinks - worn over a crop paired with high-waisted denim and some low heels. 

Think I'm now going to start a bomber jacket collection.
Next on my list is this pink wool bomber jacket from Missguided.
Its divine!


Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Blanket Cape.

the blanket cape
blankets are the new coat this season
leather tan barbour boots
lookalike cara delevingne burberry blanket cape
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tres chic oversized tee river island
Tartan Blanket Cape - River Island
Blue Jeans - Topshop

Blankets are definitely the new coat for the coming season.

With winter drawing near, I'm resorting back to snug over-sized pieces ready for the A/W.
Ever since the Burberry blanket cape and Cara Delevingne saga I've been keen to get my hands on my own cosy blanket cape. Of course, in an ideal world I'd have the Burberry blanket.. but I don't think I'm quite ready to part with £1000 for one item of clothing. Especially when its effectively an 'overthrow' item. 

However, I stumbled across this beaut when my Bluewater shopping experience was meant to be drawing to a close.. 
(I promised I wouldn't spend anymore money!)
I've always been mad on tartan and fur collars anyway. So when I saw all these features combined in blanket cape form I knew I didn't even need to deliberate and parted ways with my cash!
I paired it with my other impulse River Island purchase - the 'tres chic' oversized tee which I knew would look fab with the blanket cape.

Next on my list is the Topshop blanket cape, which shares an even closer resemblance to the Burberry one. 

What do you think of the blanket cape trend?
Any hidden gems you've located?
I'd love to know!