Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Places To Visit - Surrey: Hare & Hounds Public House

I was asked to try out the beautiful boutique-style "Hare and Hounds" Public House situated in 
Lingfield, Surrey close to the famous Lingfield Race Course. 
I took Alex with me as my loyal fellow food lover! (My way of treating the boyfriend!)
Our visit was a few weeks back now - I do apologise for my delay in writing up this post, this broken arm is rather slowing me down on the writing and typing front!
We were greeted with the rustic charm and oozing characteristic interior of the pub, 
which was more than tastefully decorated to a superb standard!
I'll say sorry now for the picture quality (not up to my best standard), the lighting was low and I was using my iPhone which is usually a lot better, but I was still able to capture its homely character and boho-rustic vibe.  
The pub featured various coves of cute, cushioned seating areas, hidden away from the view of others. 
As soon as we entered we were greeted ever so warmly and asked straight away whether we would prefer a bottle of white or red wine to accompany our meal. 
Our waitress was charming and attentive from the word go, (I really should have asked for a name)
and the wine was so scrummy! I think it may have just been the house white? 'Cuvee Tradition'
It definitely the nicest white wine I've had in long while!
Menu's in hand that provided promising yummy food and some strange light crisp-esk 
nibbles supplied, we were feeling this was going to be a GOOD meal!
We thought we'd go all out with three courses, so I started with;
- A butternut squash soup
Which was actually DEVINE! I couldn't get enough of my starter, and whats more I was provided with a jug of free soup refill and some bread & butter (which you can see on the left) and obviously I polished this all of. 
I can definitely declare this was the best soup I have ever tasted. Creamy, thick and oozing with flavour and filled in the middle full of tender butternut squash! 
Ahh I'd love to have it for my dinner now.
Alex opted for;
- Roasted Scallops, Pickled Shallot with Thai Curry Dressing £12.50 
He thoroughly enjoyed, and even I, who always insists that I would never want to try scallops was drawn in by the smell & opted for a sneaky nibble!
I was definitely surprised to admit that I didn't squeal or regret my choice - they were actually really yummy and tasted nothing like I expected. I was thinking fishy and weird texture = eww but they didn't taste fishy at all.
They were more meaty and just unusual - I really want to try them again now. 
Next was mains! I opted for;
- “Hare & Hounds” Bacon & Cheese Burger, Crispy Onion Ring £13.50 
While Alex went for;
- “Middle White” Pork Sausages, Caramelised Onion Marmellade & Mash Potato £12.50
My burger was HUGE! As you can see...
The bacon looks like the burger is sticking its tounge out at me!
It was full of a huge beef patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce and filled top and bottom with some sort of relish / marmelade that was so yummy, however, I think I struggled as I'd be tipped over the edge with the generous helpings of soup I'd been given (which I admit, I probably had too much of!).
So Alex did help me finish this off, it was super yummy though, and topped with some delicious, crispy onion rings!
Alex's sausage and mash, looked so good. Always a classic, homely pub favourite!
I sampled.. and the sausages were lovely!
Being in a pub, our meal would be incomplete without a side of chips!
So we got:
- Triple Cooked Chips with Crème Fraiche & Chilli Jam £3.50
These were as scruuuuumy as they sound, and the dip accompaniment was delicious and the perfect mix of spicy and cool! 
By this point, you would have thought we were full, right?
Especially as I just admitted above I needed a helping hand to finish off my burger.
I believe there is a special hole in our bellies for desserts that is separate to the other parts, hence why I'm always able to find a space to squeeze one in :)
However, we opted to go small and share!

- Selection of Sorbet and Ice Cream with Cookie £5.95

We thought Ice cream and sorbet was a good shout, as it was soothing and not too heavy on the old stomach.
We had a choice of lots of variation,
I'm pretty sure we went for;
- a scoop of praline ice cream
- forest fruits sorbet
- and another sorbet that had tomato in it (YES TOMATO), which we were recommended, strange I know but it actually tasted quite nice!

Overall we both agreed we had an amazing meal!
The food was super scrummy, we will both definitely be going back and taking a group or friends or family to sample more of their delicacies that they have to offer.
The service - we couldn't fault it, so compliments to the chef and owners (I'm pretty sure the chef is the owner)
Were both glad we found this little gem in Lingfield 
& can't wait to go back!

Hope you enjoyed my review & pictures!
Check out their website and menu's available here:) 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life Lately.

 1. The X-ray of my broken Humerus bone :( 
2. The stupid shoulder / arm brace I have to wear to support my arm, getting dressed is proving to be very difficult unless I own size 20 baggy tops!
3. Beautiful flowers from my mumma to cheer me up and brighten up the room.
4. Tulips from my darlin friend Charley all the way in Guernsey and cards.
 5. My new sheepskin rug from Ikea arrived! Its ridiculously snug and fab to snuggle my feet into!
6. Lots of time at home resting doing nothing calls for lots of magazines and creme eggs. (I had 5 last week - woops!)
7. Gorgeous blogging goodies I received from Glamorous UK, including a canary yellow knit, white sandals & sleeveless high neck denim dress.
8. Mid-week I was feeling down, mum made me some lovely carrot, leek, celery and onion soup with garlic bread :)
 9. Starting to gather a collection of easter eggs, especially from Thorntons!
10. Decided to make some yummy pancakes with honey, banana and strawberries. YUM!
11. Tea and chunky chocolate biscuits to help me get through the long days.
12. Have been very bored so attempted some one-armed decorating with wooden heart bunting.
13. Sporting my new Glamorous yellow knit - one item I'm actually able to fit over my arm!
14. My sunny garden yesterday.
15. I've been chosen as the blogger to represent Charmed Ivy Jewellery and got sent these beautiful necklaces to blog.
16. Going a bit stir crazy with cabin fever so mum took me out and treated me to a Costas: Brie and Bacon Panini with Peach Icy Lemonade. 


Friday, 11 April 2014

COMPANY Blogger Style Awards: Long-line Duster Coat & Tartan Check Trousers

Black Long-line Duster Coat: Marks & Spencers
Black Knit: H&M
Tartan Checkered Cigarette Trousers: Topshop
Black & Cork Contrast Wedges: New Look


Once again the ugly broken arm and sling is out..
I'd like to think I'm here showcasing my unique personal style (definitely unique considering I'm modelling a broken arm) in aid of the Company Style Blogger Awards so I can get your votes!
I manage to hide the majority of my big arm and shoulder brace under jumpers, however the big pink thing around my neck somehow I can't seem to disguise.
This means my outfit posts are going to be rather limited to what I can showcase on my top half.
I might start dressing it up with a necklace or its own neck scarf...? ha!

I had to share with you this amazing coat my mum only went and gave to me recently!
This beautiful long-line duster coat is from Marks and Spencers so I can only imagine that it was quite expensive. Thanks mummy :)!
And great timing as these long-line duster coats seem to be an up and coming trend, I've seen a lot similar to this over on ASOS which I'm loving too.
I love the length of it, at first I wasn't too keen, and thought I'd look like some dude from the Matrix with my garms trail-blazing behind me as I walk, but I'll admit, its super chic. 
I thought I'd spruce up this otherwise rather black outfit with my amazing tartan checked cigarette pants and these cute new cork wedges I nabbed over at New Look.
Who would have thought I'd be going near any shoes remotely resembling a heel after my fall and *ahem* the injury I'm sporting above! 
Don't worry, that's why I've opted for the smallest of small 'safer' heels. 

Don't forget, if you'd like to vote for me in the Company Blogger Style Awards under 'Best Personal Style' here
Every vote counts and could mend the small gap between deciding entries! 


Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sporting A Fashionable Broken Arm!

Limited Edition Wide-Brimmed Fedora Hat - River Island
Canary Yellow Knit Jumper - Glamorous (*)
MOM Style Vintage Levi's - Brag Vintage (*)
Pointy Flats - Dorothy Perkins


So today was the first day I thought, right I'm going to get some clothes on and get outside.. even if it was only to blog an outfit post and then clamber back into my snug pajamas!
Even so, it was quite impressive with the awkwardness of my broken arm.. 
I was quite impressed I managed to get these jeans on, all this sitting around has made me comfort eat and I know I've gained a little weight round my middle, through over indulging with my best friends ice-cream and chocolate.
I really wanted to share with you this gorgeous canary yellow knit jumper I got my hands on from Glamorous :)
So thought I'd be able to get it on, while looking like a bit of a divvy with one arm missing!

Anyway if you like my individual style.. broken arm incorporated or not,
I'd be eternally grateful if you could vote for my blog under the 'Best Personal Style' Category in the Company Style Blogging Awards in association with Missguided.
If you'd like to do so you can here
Also if you do happen to vote for me, do let me know, so I can thank you endlessly :)


Over and out.

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Little Peek Inside My Bedroom.

Heart Bunting - Sainsburys 
Heart Fairy Lights - Cargo 
Photoframe - Paperchase
Postcards in Photoframe - Paperchase 
Wicker Basket - Wilkinson
Wicker Heart - Primark Home
Candle Holders - Primark
Striped Duvet and Pillow Set - NEXT
Sheepskin Rug - Ikea £30
Mule Slippers - Primark 
Wicker Heart Candle Holder - Sainsburys

Bunny Ring Holder - ASOS
Home Sign - Primark Home
Teacup and Saucer - Vintage
Fig Candle - HomeBlanc (*)
Photoframe - Paperchase
Handmade Candle Holder - Vintage 
Owl - Gift 
Flowers and Glass Bottle - Vintage
Wicker Basket - HomeBlanc (*) 
Bulldog Doorstop - House of Fraser (Gift from boyfriend)
Pig Speaker - Play.com (Gift from boyfriend)

As you've probably seen from my posts on Instagram, 
I've been lucky enough to have moved bedrooms in my parents house 
and now have my very own kingsize bed.. and a much bigger room!
Thank god, I was starting to get a little claustrophobic in my old room.. it was far too small for everything I owned (mainly my clothing collection)
But mainly due to the fact I've always had a single bed and this has always proved difficult for me and Alex who have been together for over 4 years and lived together last year.. 
So this new found space and bed is heaven for us and suits us perfectly on our lazy weekends together.
The curtains are still to go up...helps me get up in the mornings though..

It's come at quite a good time to be honest as I broke my humerus bone in my arm just under two weeks ago and have endless resting recovery to do, which is seriously boring and depressing!
So having a new, fresh, bright hang out zone has really helped my current mind-space.
The comfy bed and mattress has been devine too.
I've been waiting for this transition to take place since summer, so the anticipated arrival has been building for months!
I've been collecting decorative bits for ages and buying as I go, with most items featured from Home sections in Primark, Paperchase and Sainsburys!
These are such great places to look for affordable home decor pieces. 
Not that this is going to stop me looking.. 
even more inclined to buy now :)
Bored, bored, bored.
Arm still broken!