Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas / New Year Dress Wishlist

Christmas Dress Wishlist

Christmas Outfit Wishlist

White Feather Slip Dress - Topshop

Blue Embellished Dress - George at Asda

Pink Backless Flare Dress - She Inside

Bandeau Plunge Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Boohoo

Vila Embellished Beaded Dress - ASOS

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Today I've put together a Christmas Dress Wishlist 
(including a lush jumpsuit thats sneaked in there too!)
I got thinking.. 'I need to plan what I'm going to wear for New Year', which then led me to browsing the internet for ideas. 

Using my trusty polyvore collage tool I created a board of outfit styles I could see myself wearing this party season.  
I've included some of my favourite spots of the moment (there's definitely a lot more out there) but this is just an initial indicator of what's out there! 

My absolute favourite find is the Bandeau wide leg jumpsuit with plunge front, I've pretty much decided I'm buying this as soon as payday hits, its definitely has Christmas party / NY style potential! 
So its made it into my shortlist..
The plunge feature adds a statement to this simple, chic look. I'm also in love with this alternative embellished jumpsuit option from Boohoo which I've already seen Zoella featuring in a style edit of her fav Boohoo picks. 

I'm also quite obsessed with most dresses either embellished or beaded, these beauties are catching my eye everywhere. Especially this unusual blue patterned embellished dress from George at ASDA.. I love the sleeveless look, plus its super cheap find at only £15! 
See more of their bargain dresses suitable for all occasions. 

Finally - I'm all about the colour block, I think these light pastel pink heels would look fab with the plunge bandeau jumpsuit. Throw in the Micheal Kors clutch and you've got the ultimate pastel colour block. Maybe this will be a colour pairing I will consider this New Year.. 

Which of these picks is your favourite?
I'd love to find out whats going to be your go-to look for the coming party season?

 *I received compensation in exchange for featuring an item of my choice in this wishlist. [Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.]*

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Faux Fur

river island fedora
faux fur collar asos
faux fur collar
faux fur scarf
faux fur red stripe asos
chunky chelsea boots

Faux fur Collar

Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Faux fur collars, coats, scarfs, its all the rage at the moment. 
With a chill upon us, it's pretty much certain were all running to our nearest high-street store to get our latest fur fix.

Its time to invest, fur is this season's instant glamour hit and it's certain nothing is going to keep you warmer! With this outfit I've kept my colour palette fairly monochrome, which proves the perfect backdrop for my bold orange striped faux fur collar.
It's a shame this piece is currently out of stock on the ASOS website, let's hope they stock back up soon - so you guys can get your hands on it!  

As soon as I saw these statement collars making their way onto the scene, I knew I had to have one. It's just a tough job picking your favourite when there are so many out there to choose from. 

ASOS have a pretty lustful collection, with my other favourite being this Fur Grid Collar, (which is in stock btw!) with other online fashion retailers like Missguided featuring a pretty tasteful collection also, this grey fur collar being my fave, and a little less pricer than the ASOS one.

Next on my fur grab list is a shaggy fur gillet, I know, I'm surprised I don't own one yet either!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Colours of Winter.

winter leaves colours fashion
asos winter knits
asos multi coloured knit
knitted wool hat vintage
leaves ground knit winter
asos sale finds
right up my street blog
right up my street fashion
new look chunky boots
woolly hat winter
skinny jeans topshop

Snug in my TeaCosy.

Wool Hat - Thrifted

Multi Knit - ASOS

Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Today I'm sharing with you a beautiful multi knit, a bargain sneaky asos sale find. It must have cost me less than a tenner. 
I'm all for a thrifty find, similarly like this 'worn to the death' tea-cosy wool hat which has to be my favourite hat ever. 

It just sits on my head perfectly, like it has it's own throne, once its there it just sits tight, it was definitely made for my head :)
I'm a sucker for these thrown on wool hats as they're fab when suffering from a bad hair day, or one of those 'I forgot to spritz with dry shampoo this morning' - it acts as the perfect cover up! 

I apologise with the overload of pictures, this jumper just clearly photographs too well, and looks great against the contrasting dull colours of winter infiltrating my garden! 

I think you're probably starting to notice a pattern here?
Yup - I'm a knit hoarder.
Let's just be thankful I can't knit myself :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Cable Knit

roll neck cable knit
roll neck knit crop missguided
grey cable knit missguided
knit crop jumper grey
how to be fashionable in winter
missguided chunky knit

The Cable Knit

Grey Roll Neck Cable Knit Crop - Missguided

Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Zip up Front Heels - Primark

This super snug roll neck jumper is one of the newest additions to my winter wardrobe, not only can I bury my face in it, its cropped and features a cable knit style. My fav!
There's also a matching cable knit skirt too if you'd like to complete this cosy look even further. 

This is exactly the kind of jumper I crave on an evening like tonight, I throw it straight on after work and I'm as snug as a bug...
You're probably thinking I have an over the top obsession with roll necks, polo necks, turtle necks, you name it, that's all I seem to wear, but I really don't think you can go wrong with something thats comfortable, warm and fashionable all at the same time?

If you going to buy any jumper this winter, I'd definitely recommend this one! It's so thick and even though its cropped it provides me with just as much warmth, or probably more than my other knits, it's definitely a fail-safe option. 

I've paired with my trusty black skinnies which hardly ever leave my legs. OH and these lush zip up front heels from Primark I found a couple of months ago in Selfridges.. they really are an ideal casual heel, and they work so well with this casual cosied up look too!

Happy winter jumper shopping :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Makin' a Statement

statement necklace
statement outfit fashion
Making a statement
new look lime green croc shopper
high neck tunic asos

Statement Accessories

Chunky Statement Necklace - Topshop

Skinny Jeans - Topshop

Today's all about a black outfit featuring some statement accessories.. 

Firstly I bought this high neck tunic in my latest haul from Asos, it's a bit different my usual high neck top as this is a more classic 'I'm going out on the town look'. Paired with my bold, chunky gold statement necklace from Topshop and my beautiful chunky white soles I'm in statement heaven! 

To top it off, and splice up some further contrast I've featured my lime green croc shopper from New Look, I got this shopper for my birthday and I'm in love with its unusual colour and it's animal print texture.

I just need to address the fact I can't stand portrait photos on my blog at the moment but I'm not sure how else to address the problem as photographing landscape chops off the bottom half of my outfit and I can't seem to find any daylight to head outside..
I hope this doesn't bug you like it does me - I can't stand empty white space.. what can I say I'm a perfectionist! 

Now I'm off to browse ASOS, and before you say it, no its not for me, its my Access All Asos secret santa present. How exciting!
 I wonder who has me :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Stayin' Dry

black duster coat
duster coat and polo neck
winter fashion duster coat

What I Wore

Black Duster Coat - Marks & Spencers

Green Ribbed Polo Neck - DivaDames

Skinny Jeans - Topshop

White Cleated Soles - New Look (*)

I've been forced to hibernate inside, I always knew the blog / work balance would co-inside sooner or later. 
Working full-time in the winter, there isn't much time to catch the light (as I'm sure most of you find) so while I'm trying to post in the week I'll have to give the pitch black garden a miss I'm afraid and see if I can huddle up some more into this bedroom corner! 

Duster coats are all the rage at the moment, especially now we can feel the chill catching every inch of the body. 
There really is no better combo than a duster coat and a polo neck to curb those chills. I bought myself a couple of pairs from Diva Dames, only at £5 each, with some forgotten change lurking around in my Paypal, I had a field day and grabbed myself a green, white and black. Not a bad purchase.

I'd love to get my hands on a light grey duster coat next... paired with some knee high black boots I'll be sorted. I'm really loving the winter fashion this fall. 

What's the next item on your winter wishlist?

This time last year I was wearing knitted polo necks - nothing has changed! 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Roadtrip to Elounda Bay, Crete.

elounda bay crete greece
holiday lookbook greece
elounda bay crete roadtrip
asos pom pom playsuit
lace maxi cardigan
Elounda crete greece
holiday greece ootd
crete greece sightseeing
rent a car greece holiday
ipanema flip flops holiday

What I Wore:
Pom Pom Playsuit - ASOS
Sunglasses - Rayban
Bikini - Oasis
Lace Maxi Cardigan - fdavenue(*)
Flip Flops - iPanema (*)

Looking back and remembering this beautiful view from Elounda Bay.. While I sit here tucked up in bed, hearing the rain thrashing against my window, and my fingers thrashing against the keyboard, I realise I was in a much better place sitting on those rocks, so blissfully unaware of everything, so isolated from technology and the buzz of reality.  

As you can see, I nabbed myself a wonderful little spot on the rocks overlooking the bay in Elounda, Crete. I had a little dabble in the sea, which was surprisingly nice and warm for the time of year (bearing in mind we headed to Crete end of October).

I wore this pom pom playsuit from Asos for the majority of the holiday. I love how it just hung off me and was very flattering - I know it doesn't do me any justice here at all, I look like a bit of a lump in the sea.. (I'm happy to admit that ha!) I just couldn't resist the setting of these outfit photos and how well the image backdrops turned out. Makes a welcome change from my everyday outfit posts in my back garden - I'm sure you'll agree! 

On our last few days, on a whim, we decided to rent a car for the day (a convertible in fact) which only cost us 80 euros, we thought this was a right bargain! 
This is what took us to the beautiful marina town of Elounda. 

Its on the east side of Crete, it's meant to be where all the rich people flock. So we felt a bit dreamy turning up in our convertible pretending we were famous (Paaaah, not). However, I'm going to bring you a separate post with details all about our roadtrip and the exciting places we visited.  

Oh sigh, how I wish we could go back. 
Can't believe its 3 weeks today since we arrived, how time flies.
Enough dreaming. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Thrifty ASOS Sale Finds.

perfect pair of shorts asos
safari style shorts asos
bold bright colours fashion
red browns winter
thrifty asos sale finds

Multi-colour Snood - Topshop
Red Blouse - New Look
Brogues - Topshop

I wanted to brave the cold so I could share with you these fabulous shorts I got my hands on at Asos. 
Believe me when I say 'they are a right ruddy bargain!'.

When browsing for last minute holiday bits I came across these impeccable safari-style cream shorts which I have totally fallen in love with. They are so comfy and couldn't be more suited to my figure, with an elasticated waistband that hugs my waist and flatters my hips - its a win win situation for me!

I urge anyone on the hunt for a pair of longline shorts to come right this way as these are currently only £10 in the Asos sale, with plenty of sizes available - I'm sure they won't stick around for long!

Also best way to combat those winter blues is by channeling lots of bright and bold colours and tones! I've matched in some autumnal browns with my brogues too. 

What colours are you channeling this season?


Sunday, 2 November 2014

ASOS Ribbed Turtle Neck.

asos ribbed jumper turtle neck
dreamcatcher necklace
grey ribbed jumper asos magazine
heeled chelsea boots missguided
felt fedora asos
winter style fashion
what to wear in winter

Black Skinny Jeans - Topshop 
Heeled Chelsea Boots - Missguided

It's that time of year again, time for me to bring out my winter wardrobe staples! This piece being one of them - turtle necks, who could live without them? Not me, not me!

My little neck definitely gets a lot of love and appreciation during the winter months.. you'll pretty much find me living in jumpers, that are almost always snuggled up to my chin. But this is what I love about the winter season - feeling the chill and finding ways to cosy up within it :)

If you're an ASOS lover like me, you probably receive the monthly magazine, and this is where I discovered this grey ribbed turtle necker. I liked the ribbed effect, I don't currently own any of this styling and its always great to variate!

You can see quite the difference in weather between my two most recent posts, from Crete to England.. how depressing!

I'd love to know what's your winter wardrobe essential?
Would be great to know I'm not the only one with an turtle / polo neck obsession!