Thursday, 30 October 2014

Holiday Blues...

holiday style clothing
what I wore on holiday
gold bohemian jewellery accessories
washed out denim topshop
holiday fashion ootd

Arm Cuff & Ring - New Look
Black Strap Top - New Look
Washed Out Denim Shorts - Topshop
Nautical Sliders - Primark

It's almost Friday, and I'm almost done with a full-week back at work since my holiday. Gosh, its been an adjustment to say the least. I only started my new job under a new Digital Marketing role at the beginning of September so its all been a pretty huge transition for me.

This holiday was a big breath of fresh air for me, a moment to allow myself to tear away and actually give myself a pat on the back for getting thus far.. :)

I'm now suffering from a major case of the holiday blues!!
I've got a few posts I'm wanting to share with you from my amazing holiday.. If you follow me on Instagram, I apologise, I was pretty much spamming lusty pictures of the sun and blue water.. not to mention the cocktails I was sipping on everyday. 

Feeling jealous yet..?

But I thought I'd start off with this rather simple get up I threw together on holiday. One of the best things about going away somewhere hot is that you can live in comfy denim's and loose strap tops day in, day out! Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up and making and effort but sometimes a simple, effortless look can be so riveting. 

I was happy just pairing a few holiday essentials together and accessorizing with my new gold boho jewels I grabbed in New Look before I came away. I got a couple of arm cuffs in the sale for a bargain £1 each, and a set of 4 beautiful gold jewel rings which I hardly took off. 

I hope you liked my first holiday post. 
Next, I think I'm going to put together a round up post of holiday outfits I posted across my Instagram in case you happened to miss any!

I guess now it's time to start appreciating the winter and all the glory it brings..

Fireworks and Halloween up first!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tailored Camel Coat.

missguided camel coat
camel blazer smart
camel coat missguided
barbour boots seasonal
fedora river island


I apologise for my not posting while I was away. Honestly, the two weeks running up to my holiday really weren't the smoothest! 

I nearly thought we wouldn't be going away at one point. Unfortunately my boyfriend got his passport stolen a week an half before our departure date.. yikes!
It was all of a bit of palava, but eventually it arrived, late - however not so fashionably... So I was rather stressed up until the point I actually walked off the plane and the heat hit me and I realised I was there, away from it all. 

Hence why I didn't really find any time to sit aside and schedule some posts. It's gonna be tough now as I've got to get back into a schedule! 

I'm waiting to get my camera back from Alex then I'll be uploading some holiday pics and outfits :) 

Just thought I'd share this casual outfit I put together which features the Camel tailored coat I got from Missguided a while back.
Perfect for the autumnal colder months! 
Its definitely still on the website! 


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cheeseburgers & Cocktails at The Diner, Covent Garden.

The Diner
Covent Garden
190 Shaftesbury Avenue

I got the chance to test out another burger joint on the London food map, adding to the many american style burger eateries already in London. Due to the variety already on offer, there was a bar set and I expected it to deliver. 
Here is my experience and my thoughts!

hard tea cocktails the diner
Me enjoying my 'Arnold Palmer' Hard Tea Cocktail. 
the diner covent garden menu
the diner food menu
Checking out the variety of food on offer at The Diner, Covent Garden. 
the diner covent garden
The grungy style american burger joint with swivel chairs and booths.
kraken berry cooler the diner
Kraken Berry Cooler £8.00
Kraken Rum, Super Berry Tea, Lime
the diner sides
fries 3.00
onion rings 3.40
cheeseburgers the diner covent garden
Californian Burger 8.00
6 oz hamburger topped with monterey jack cheese & guacamole
burger joints in london
Cheese Burger 7.50
6 oz hamburger, choose from monterey jack, swiss cheese,
blue cheese or us cheese slice
places to eat in london
the arnold palmer hard tea cocktail
The Arnold Palmer £8.00
Bathtub Gin, Diner Iced Tea, House Lemonade. 
hard tea cocktails london

Vibe: 7.5/10
Music: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Drinks: 7/10

On a par with similar casual burger diners such as GBK and Bryon Burger, the burger choice was plentiful, I asked for medium rare but it was probably more medium-well so I think this affected the juiciness of mine! Toppings were in abundance and all very fresh, and the bun was shiny and soft. Just how I like mine!

We ordered some sides to start (fries and onion rings) both sides wern't anything too different from any other I'd tasted before, I was kind of hoping the onion rings would be hand-battered like that on offer at Byron Burger, but none the less, tasty!

The music on offer was amazing, me and Alex both loved the old american style vibe. Service was pretty average, however may have been bad timing as the girl who was serving us went on her break soon after introducing herself, from what we experienced she was very pleasant, however, when she left we found ourselves seeking out someone to replenish our drinks. 

I tried the new hard-tea cocktails on offer which featured a blend of various full leaf teas mixed with alcohol. This was a new feature for the summer menu, the cocktails were really refreshing and a great accompaniment to a carb-fueled meal. They weren't too heavy or overpowering which was another added benefit! When paying £8 a cocktail, I wouldn't expect any less, but I guess that's what you going to pay for most cocktails in London.

Overall, a nice sit down american-style eatery, probably best suited for a 'grab a quick bite with friends before a gig or after shopping..' type scenario. I'd like to visit one of the other sites as I saw there was a host of venues all over East London that all looked very different. 

If you enjoy my food posts and would like to see more of my London food experiences check out my previous blog posts. 


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Boohoo Winter Warmer!

boohoo check wool coat
boohoo winter coat
boohoo green tartan wool coat
winter clothing coats
barbour boots cloggs
boohoo fashpack new season
seasonal style coat boohoo


A few weeks back I was contacted by Boohoo (*squeals to self*) one of the many online fashion destinations I swoon over. I was asked to become part of the #fashpack which involved being able to see a sneak preview of what the new season collection held instore...

It was really quirky actually because Boohoo sent me a pack of cards with all their new season trends.. I was then asked to Instagram my favourite piece which I would then receive to feature. 

If you know me and follow my fashion, its really no surprise that I choose this snug, ultra-thick, check wool look coat. 
I'm all about being cosy and wrapped up when its cold. 

I always find the change of seasons quite exciting and love running back home after work to retreat to a heated house, nustle down into my big mule slippers, pyjamas and sit by the fire with a mug of hot choc.

Pretty much if I can wear a piece of clothing that resembles a blanket in warmth, I'm sorted. The colours on the wool check coat make me clock on the countdown to Christmas. This is definitely going to keep me nice and toasty :)


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Cocktails and Sliders at Apres London

Apres London
31 Duke St

On the blog today I bring to you Apr├Ęs in central London, a bar and cocktail lounge located just off Oxford Street, literally opposite Selfridges!
It features a smoking terrace, trendy cocktail bar with ample menu choice and various spots to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat too.  
I had:
 Pushkin CocktailPear vodka, apple liqueur, apple, pineapple & lemon juices, pear puree & spiced caramel syrup £9.00

Alice had: 
Raspberry Mule Vodka Cocktail - Raspberries & Ginger Beer £8.50
The Pushkin Cocktail complete with a fairly flawless carved apple cocktail statue! I guess we could count this as one of our 5 a day too?
Cheese burger sliders - 3 steak burger patties on brioche buns, smoked apple wood cheddar and caramelized onions and grilled tomato £9.00
Halloumi sliders - Grilled halloumi on brioche buns with roasted red peppers and harrisa relish £8.00
One thing that me and Alice agreed on the most, was that the chips were amazing! I know that's only a small detail, but the flavour coming out of these bad boys was explosive!
These mini cheeseburger sliders definitely packed a punch too! Be warned, these guys may look small but they sure are filling after you've had one or two. Definitely the perfect appetizing bar snack to have alongside 1,2, or 3 cocktails after work! 
We also opted for halloumi sliders which were scrummy too, packed with some roasted red peppers and tasty relish. Having 6 mini sliders between us and a portion of chips meant we were pretty full up. 
I'd definitely recommend trying some of these or the other 'between the buns' slider options from the menu. 
I finished off with a 'Spiced Old Fashioned' Cocktail which included Rebel Yell and Wild Turkey Bourbons & a house spiced old fashioned syrup £9.50 
This was served with a lick of orange zest, which gives this drink a bit of a zing. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting the taste, it was preeetty strong going for a cocktail, more like a whisky on the rocks. I guess that's why they mention on the menu.. 'Not to be rushed'. That definitely was a clear indicator to the type of drink I had chosen from the menu. 
None the less, it was tasty, I just had to step down a notch with my usual cocktail consuming pace! 
Overall, the experience at Apres London was a fab combination of bold, colourful flavours and the simple yet tasty bar snacks really complimented the cocktails.
The experience can best be described as similar to one I have experienced at the various Dirty Martini hotspots across London. 

However, Apres London, was definitely a bit more low-key and a lot quieter on the music blasting front.. still with dimly lit lighting  but not hidden within an underground tunnel. 

It's opposite Selfridges, so why not put some dollar aside and head on over for some late afternoon - evening grub. I'd definitely recommend it. 

Overall Score: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Cocktails: 7/10

If you enjoy reading my indulgent reviews, keep your eyes open for my next review, where I visit The Diner an american-style establishment in Covent Garden. 


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Return of the Mac Trench-coat.

return of the mac
mac coat hm
womens lightweight mac coat
how to wear a mac coat
topshop skinny black jeans
barbour leather tan boots cloggs
lightweight mac cream womens

Lightweight Mac Trenchcoat - HM
White long-sleeve crop - Topshop
Black Joni Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Barbour Boots - Cloggs (*)

'Return of the MAC Trenchcoat'
And most importantly, the return of me!

So I hear you asking, where I have I been the last few weeks?
Bogged under with my new job. 
Don't get me wrong, its going great, there is just so much to learn, left, right and center and a trillion bits of training and information to absorb everywhere. 
Who knew becoming a Digital Marketing Executive could be so challenging? 
Let's be honest, I am learning the whole shiiiibang though, SEO, PPC, Social, Inbound marketing, managing client campaigns, webmaster tools and analytics.. and all the very technical bits too like website audits. 

Honestly, I was very under-qualified for the role I've been given. Of course, I know basics through dabbling with my blog optimization, managing and promoting my work through all mediums of social channels and having experience in other client-facing roles. 
But it was all down to taking part in a 3 month internship, where I successfully proved my worth and showed I had the capabilities, and could quickly adopt a strategic mindset in order to apply myself to all the other digital tasks. 
Which just goes to show internships are always a great learning curve, be that paid or unpaid and usually will give you that much needed foot in the door if you prove your worth the investment. 
It's great because I'm working in a fairly small digital marketing agency of about 12 people, where I'm getting a large overview of every aspect of digital marketing, rather than just one. 

So I'm already starting off as a slightly bigger fish in a smaller pond, which is always a great first step. 
I'll also be working towards doing my Google analytics and Adwords fundamentals training as well as becoming Inbound marketing certified in the next couple of months. 
All very exciting times, all rather go, but rather stressful too.
So I do apologise, as you can imagine, juggling a full-time job, while battling the early dark nights, blogging has taken a bit of a back-seat. 

However, I'm back, and I bring to you this gorgeous Mac I picked up in HM a few weeks back. 
Its super lightweight and I picked it up in a soft cream colour.
I'm so glad the Trenchcoat has reappeared, its the perfect garment that will slide me through to the autumn season in style. This one features a gently draping fabric ready to conceal me for the colder months ahead. 
It's practical, yet sexy!

Also think its a great fit with my tan Barbour boots!
What's your transitional garment guiding you into the autumnal months?


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ASOS Scuba Peg Trousers.

sports luxe trend
navy sports joggers fashion
ASOS scuba peg trousers
sports luxe monochrome style
scuba trousers asos
asos scuba trousers sports luxe
chunky white mules

White Polo Neck - HM

When I was having my monthly read of the ASOS Magazine last week I came across the '3 Trends My Way' edit by actress Phoebe Tonkin and I absolutely adored all the pieces she picked out, her style was identical to mine. 
So much infact, I was straight onto the website, fishing out the product codes and adding the dreamy items into my basket. 
So you may recognise these scuba peg trousers if your a ASOS magazine subscriber too!

Ever since the Sports Luxe phase, I've wanted to join in and try out my own take on the trend, these scuba peg trousers are the perfect item for the fall and really give off that edgy boyish vibe. 
They basically look and feel like a more fashionable, acceptable pair of sports joggers!
With thick scuba fabric and an elasticated waistband they scream pure comfort, with that in mind, I can definitely see myself living in these when the colder months strike. 

I've kept my colours quite minimal and blended, which fits with the sports luxe trend as it mainly features black, white and navy pieces, heavily reliant on a monochrome palette. 

I'm really liking the scuba fabric, you can see another style post where I featured the Primark Yellow Scuba Coat which was a look I luckily had featured on their Instagram page.