Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Just Arrived: Primark Scuba Yellow Coat

Just arrived: Primark scuba coats
new in store yellow scuba coat primark
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wide-brimmed fedora hat exclusive river island
pastel yellow coat new season
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ASOS Ridley High Waist Ultra Skinny Jeans
ASOS jeans with busted knee blue denim
Scuba Yellow Coat - Primark
Belt - River Island
Sandals - Primark

If you haven't laid your eyes on the Primark scuba coats or even bought yourself one yet, I assure you - you'll be on the hunt soon enough!

This soon to be in-demand item has just hit the Primark stores. I managed to nab this in Manchester a few weeks ago, purchased along with my zip up front heels I also featured this week from Primark, which proved a hit with you lot. 
As you may know, Selfridges have some pretty nifty fashion-forward-buyers working for them, so they are always getting hold of the hottest trends in-store slightly before the main Primark stores. 

At the unbeatable price of £20 - yes you heard right!
This long-line pastel yellow coat features a scuba material finish with popper buttons from top to bottom. It comes in a hot pink colour too, which is also devine. 
I need this also.

Another fab steal are these ASOS Ridley high waisted, skinny busted knee jeans! I always buy all my jeans from Topshop and fancied myself a change. Someone on twitter suggested this exact pair which I instantly loved, I've been after a pair sporting the busted knee look so I thought I'd take the plunge and risk it (after all ASOS and their free returns convinced me!)
I even had the 20% discount code from Glamour magazine, so these almost ended up being half the price I normally pay for my Topshop jeanies.

I'm super pleased, the fit is perfect and the material is so soft. 
I'll definitely be considering ASOS now when I next need a pair of jeans.


Monday, 18 August 2014

A 70's Fashion Favourite.

Jumpsuit Fashion Retro Look
Primark Tan Zip Up Heels
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Cheap Casual Jumpsuit Primark
Cream Knit Jumper H&M
Cream Knit Jumper - HM
Black Jumpsuit - Primark
Gold Belt - River Island
Tan Zip Up Front Heels - Primark 

I'm bringing back the jumpsuit.
A 70's fashion favourite of mine!
Jumpsuits keep reappearing from time to time in high fashion, 
probably because they are generally regarded by many as the garment of convenience. 

I definitely think so, jumpsuits are like the pyjamas of high fashion! 
This one is from Primark and its just plain black with an elasticated boob tube top. 

Its so easy to just pull straight on and I love the baggy trousers that have elasticated grips at the bottom. I must confess, I may have indulged into a shopping spree when I visited Manchester Trafford Centre the other weekend. Selfridges lured me in and the Primark was brimming with golden goodies that haven't hit the high-street yet, eeeeek. 

There was only one pair of these cut-out boots on the display table which I grabbed and ran away with, I knew I was buying them before they had even graced my feet. 
They are so fitting for the jumpsuit look too! 

Random Fact:
'I had a CT scan today and I had to go through a doughnut shaped scanner, this made me hungry.'


Thursday, 14 August 2014

How to style black jeans.

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Bold Garden Flowers
New Look Chunky Ankle Strap Heels
Fashion Bible Lace Crochet Dress
Yellow Flowers
Topshop Black Skinny Jeans
Monochrome Look Style
Black 'Joni' Jeans - Topshop 

So I guess you've come here because your looking for inspiration on how to style black jeans, specifically in this case, those of the 'skinny' variety. I was super keen to show off my new black chunky ankle strap heels from New Look which give my casual outfit that little bit of 'heightened edge' - and we all know heels and jeans are always a killer style combo.

The best thing about black jeans is they are pretty much the most flattering item of clothing you can own, the colour compliments pretty much every other on the spectrum, and I feel they have the power to make any body conscious soul feel a million dollars!

Excuse the cheesiness, I just tend to get quite excited over my favourite trusty pair of Topshop denim. I've decided to wear with this beautiful fairy-esk top from The Fashion Bible. Its referred to as a 'mini dress' *ehem*.. maybe I'm just abnormally tall but I really don't think I could get away wearing this and exclaiming.. 'oh but its a mini dress - its meant to be short' Those of you shorter in height however, I'm sure you could pull it off... 

Nevertheless, I don't want to take any glory away from the item, as I do oodle over anything crochet or that features lace detailing and this really is a cute little addition to my wardrobe :) 
Alex says I look like a fairy, I'll take that comment.
I hope you like my easy monochrome look, and I've given you some inspiration on how to best dress up your jeans and utilize the colour black. 

If there's any future style posts you'd like to see me do please let me know in the comments?


Thursday, 7 August 2014

What I Wore | ASOS Stripes.

smile river island fedora hat
asos stripey dress
houndstooth handbag lola joseph
new look chunky cleated sole heels
uk fashion blogger london
houndstooth handbag gold black white straps
Fedora - River Island
Stripe Cut Out Shoulder Dress - ASOS
Houndstooth Handbag - Lola Joseph (*)
White Chunky Cleated Sole Heels - New Look (*)

I told you you'd be seeing these shoes again, bet you didn't think it would be this soon!
Imagine they will be featured on a par with the River Island Fedora..
 Uhoh, I hear you say.
As you know ASOS are a firm favourite of mine, there's nothing I don't want on that website. There's nothing I wouldn't do for that brand (job of dreams!)
Maybe someday *mind wanders*
Anyway clear to say its my kind of clothes showroom. 
I got this lovely simple striped cut-out shoulder dress from there a while back and recently we've just been a match made and rekindled in closet heaven! 
I love anything that resembles a smock, and this dress screams comfort and monochrome sass for me. 
I'm also finally featuring the Lola Joseph houndstooth handbag that I've had on my Instagram for a while. 
Isnt it pretty?
 I'll be taking it with me on my little trip up to Manchester and Liverpool this weekend.
Trafford centre shopping.. eeeee...
That reminds me, I must go pack. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Essential Summer Shoes.

chunky white mules new look
chunky white cleated sole heels mules cloggs
wide brimmed fedora hat river island
high neck sleeveless denim heart swing dress
UK Glamorous swing dress
uk fashion and lifestyle blogger
essential shoes for the summer new look campaign
close up white chunky heels open toe new look
 Fedora - River Island

Can we just stop for a moment, and let me just pick my jaw back off the floor!
I'm in awe of these shoes!
How gorgeous are they?
And they only cost £13! They're only in the freeeeking sale!
I've been lusting over a pair of mules like this since seeing 'pretty much' every blogger flash them in some shape or form over their Instagram page..
I probably shouldn't be tottering around in a pair of heels this high after my last 'heel accident' - which I'm still suffering from 
But I must say, however high and daunting these look, they really couldn't be more comfortable and 'non-slip'..
Those of you will know what I mean if you tend to experience the odd foot slip where your whole foot tries to slide out and convince itself it can happily sit outside of the peep toe.. Or is this just me? HA - painful!
Expect to see these beauties making a regular feature from now on, 
I think adding an element of height to any outfit immediately makes you feel that much more confident in your outfit and does help the old legs look slightly more shaped!
I'm seriously in love.. the white heels pair great with my Glamorous high-neck dress which features lots of little cute white hearts!  


Monday, 4 August 2014

Lets Make Out.

never fully dressed handmade tshirt
white black monochrome slogan tee
uk fashion and lifestyle blogger
stone pendant necklace birthstone black tied
peach jersey shorts missguided
platform chelsea boots missguided
pastel colours fashion styling outfit'Lets make out' Slogan Tee - Never Fully Dressed
Jersey Shorts - Missguided
Platform Chelsea Boots - Missguided

I'm guessing you've probably seen this slogan tee before.
Famous for its appearance on the lovely Kavita's (SheWearsFashion) blog.
Since I saw her style it up on her own blog - I was in love.
It has taken me almost a year to finally get to grips with the price of such a simple classic t-shirt (£29 eek!) and allow myself to buy and accept it with excessively willing arms!

I must admit - it's slightly different to as I expected. When Kavita wore it, she pulled it off as more of  oversized t-shirt dress 
(i know - hard to believe when you can see mine here)
I understand each piece is unique and handmade so sizing will differ!
And of course - no one rocks clothing like SheWearsFashion.
My handmade Amethyst Gemstone Crystal point necklace from Black Tied jewellery looks fab on such a simple white backdrop and is the perfect accessory for any outfit.
It was provided by Shopcade who offer lots of top trends for great prices.
I keep spotting lots of pineapple laden items on there!
I've got my own profile, check me out :)

I can't deny the fact this slogan is just pure genius
'Lets make out'
Oh alright then, only because you asked so nicely!


Thursday, 31 July 2014

How To Style Vintage Levi Jeans.

how to style vintage levi jeans
uk fashion blogger
top uk fashion blogs
missguided pastel top pink
asos fedora hat
primark pool sliders nautical
vintage levi high waisted jeans denim blue
Blue Fedora - ASOS
Textured Cami - Missguided
Belt - River Island
Vintage High-waisted Levi Jeans - Brag Vintage (*)
Nautical Sliders - Primark 
Stone Pendant Necklace - ZIBA @ House of Fraser (*)

Hey boys and gals. 
(infact - before I jump to rash conclusions about my readership) 
Do any boys read my blog? I very much doubt! 
I've just always wanted to open up with that line. 
Speak or forever remain anonymous?

Here's how I've decided to style up my vintage levi jeans. 
I've gone for a quite a casual look, with a statement textured pastel pink vest from Missguided. 
I had to share with you these bargain 'pool slider' type slip-ons I got from Primark. 
They have cute nautical stripes and a little buckle in the middle. 
They cost me a mere £4 and are so comfy and the shoe literally shapes to my feet - I'm not kidding. With these hot days in the office I've worn them into work everyday so far. Thats clear evidence of how comfy they are. 
I find the best way for me (personally) with my shape to wear vintage levi's, is by always having something tucked in, or coming in at my waist. 
Be that a jumper, oversized blouse, crop top, a fluffy knit, etc.
Always wear them with a belt, it helps break up the outfit a bit and draw the attention elsewhere, otherwise its just a fail and my hips and legs look really frumpy. 
Roll those legs up or roll them down, 
depends how 'casual' a-look your really wanting to achieve..
Like I mentioned before - I'm going for the everyday, 'I haven't tried too hard or put too much effort into this outfit' kind of look. 
For many they prove to be a tricky item to style!

I hope you like my casual look and can draw some inspiration from it!
How do you, wear yours?
I'd love to learn a thing or three from you also :)